Monday, June 30, 2008


Stage Name: Mirai
Age: 21
Status: Healthy
Residence: Southern California
Favorite Con.: San Diego Comic-Con
Total Costumes: 19

My name is Mirai and I am a pretty predominant Cosplayer. I'm nowhere NEAR respected and adored like I want, and I know that I'm not that good, but... I guess you could say I'm decent. Since I don't want to pelt out a whole 20-minute speech on Cosplaying and what it is, I'll just point you toward Wikipedia and you can just read that for yourself instead.

I am a member of and TransCostumers, all forums using my Stage Name to identify myself. Cosplaying is something one of my friends got me into back in 2003. My first Convention experience was Comic-Con 2003 and since then I have had a huge interest is cosplaying and conventions in general. Cosplaying is a way to express myself and who I am through the artistic means of costumes and designs, and since cosplaying isn't limited to any one certain genre, or even that it HAS to be a character, I can make up my own cosplay just for the hell of it.

I enjoy comments, suggestions, and I am usually really willing to help someone with something that they might need, like wanting to find out how I made something.

Skype: MiraiBaby
deviantART: MiraiBaby